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Meet Your Business Neighbor: Sand’s Solutions, Inc.

Interviewed/Compiled by BBA Volunteers Jason Zwick & Susan Trabucco

Sand's Solutions 2

Proprietors: Kurt & Donnette Sand and Jerry Catlin (co-owners)
Address: 3420 NE 41st Ave, Portland, OR 97212
Phone: 503-493-2417

1. What does your business do/sell?

We are 3 partners with 54 years of experience that take a holistic approach to our clients’ tax and business consulting needs. We are part therapist, priest and bartender. Our top 6 solutions we can provide for our client’s Financial Problems

1. Taxes – Individual, Business, planning

2. Business Consulting and Strategic Planning

3. Bookkeeping Services

4. Set up and Design of Accounting Systems

5. On-Demand CFO and Controller Services

6. All kinds of Financial Therapy Services

2. Did you purchase this business or start the business?

Kurt and Donnette started the Sand’s Solutions in 2001. Jerry Joined as the 3rd.

3. What inspired you to buy or start it?

We had both worked for large firms and needed a change. We wanted to start a family and by having our own business, this also allowed us to be more involved in the community. As the business grew, we knew that we needed to add another partner. They reached out to Jerry Catlin. Kurt had previously worked with Jerry at Perkins & Company. They also went to school at Michigan State together. Jerry jumped at the opportunity. At the time, Jerry was looking for a new position that allowed him to grow more and gave him flexibility.

4. When did you open in BV, and WHY?

Originally, we had our office in our house while our boys were young. We moved to our location on Fremont in 2012. We have recently moved up! We are now located in the house above Amenity Shoes on 41st of Fremont St. We originally moved and then chose to stay in Beaumont because we love the area. Our kids go to school here. We like the mix of business/residential.

5. What makes your business unique?

We give a downtown level of service with a street level approach. We do care and we want all our clients to do well. We will do site visits so we can help clients on their schedule. We are a one stop shop for clients. We help with Non-Profit, Business and Individual Taxes. We also help with Bookkeeping and Consulting. Our slogan is “reasonable rates…fun people!”

6. What is the most interesting thing you’ve done in your life?

Kurt – When I was in college I took a road trip out West. The car we were in broke. Instead of going home, I purchased another car and continued the trip. Unfortunately, I was in an accident and that car was then unusable. I ended up flying home and landed just in time to attend a Grateful Dead concert. It was a great trip!

Donnette – When Kurt and I were newly married we took a vacation to Niagara Falls and then drove to Toronto, Canada to watch the play, The Lion King in the Arts District. My favorite trip and memory.

Jerry – I moved out to Portland on my bicycle. I had my jeans and more importantly, my Boy Scout handbook. You can accomplish anything with that handbook.

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